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Russian boys have sex

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Related post: Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 20:09:08 +0100 From: Tony Subject: Rich and Me Pt6If you are under 18, please leave now. The russian pic board following story contains male/male sex, if this is likely to offend you please leave. This story is not copyright, it is given free of tie dating girl russian woman to Nifty. All comments, good ot bad, to "Rich and Me" Part 6Dad (Bob) takes up the story:- As the boys left the room I called after them, "Don't hold foto porno russian hands in front of your Mother" but my mind jumped back 20 years, I could see me and my kid brother Tim walking upstairs holding hands.When I was 15, and Tim 14, we used to do just what I suspected John and Rich were doing, but we both turned out Bi, and were nudist naturist russian family now hot russian sex happily married and still got together now and then to relive old times, physically as well as verbally. We both had excellent sex lives with our wives but the feel of a nice big cock sliding up into our bellies still gave us a thrill, Tim was the only guy I did it with and as far as I know my 10 inches of hard flesh is the only one he has taken. I was still looking at the paper but my eyes didn't see the words, I was seeing a picture of my two lovely teenage sons making love and I hoped they enjoyed it as much as Tim and I did.John returns as story teller:- Neither of us said a word as we walked upstairs but as soon as the door was closed Rich said, "I can hardly believe it, do russian defloration video you think Dad did the things we do? Who could take that enormous donger he has?" "Maybe they only fooled around and didn't go all xxx free russian the way like us" I said, "Also I shouldn't think Dad was that big at 15, he probably wasn't any bigger than us, it has grown since" "Well Dad got married, do you think we will start doing it with girls and get married" asked Rich. "I can't speak for you but I haven't got any interest in girls at all, the only person I have ever loved is you and unless I can make you pregnant I can't see me being a dad" With a laugh Rich said, "I can't see us ever getting pregnant but I'm sure we can have a lot of pleasure trying" So we tried as Rich made love to me. We didn't make love every night about half the time we were just happy to be in each others arms and almost every night we fell asleep with my dick nestling in the free russian porno pictures valley of my lovers bum, or vice versa. David was constantly badgering us to visit him or him visit us, we tried putting him off but russian gay boy photos eventually we gave in and agreed to visit him that evening. We were barely inside the house and his hands went to our dicks, I'm sure he would have done it in the hallway if we hadn't pushed him upstairs to his bedroom, this guy really had it bad. He didn't wait to get undressed he was on his knees in front of Rich as soon as he had his cock out and with no trouble at all he devoured my lovers flesh. I watched closely to see the head sliding down David's throat and reached over to stroke it, it was fascinating to see it gliding up and down past his adams apple. When at last we managed russian naturists kids to undress David he pushed Rich russian girlsporn back onto the bed, crawled between his legs and continued to gobble his favourite toy as he stuck his bum in the air for me. I knelt behind him and he stopped sucking long enough to say, "I used my thing to get it ready for you" He certainly had, his hole was so open I swear we could have parked the school bus in there and it was dripping in lube but once I fisting russian style slipped my dick inside he gripped me like russian boylove nudes a vice I slowly worked in and out timing my strokes with the bobbing of his head on Richs' russian transvestites thick pole. russian adult tv I could hardly believe the ease with which he took the two of us as we russian sexy hardcore pic were both nearly 5cms across. Rich and I had agreed to make it last and we had pretty good control and pounded his body for almost 15 minutes before giving him our double load. Our intention was to leave but David had other ideas. "I want to try something different, I want to take both of you together" David said "You have just had both of us together" said Rich "No, I mean both in my bum" said David "Don't be stupid, we can't both get in there even if you are pretty slack" I said "I think I can take it, at least please try" he asked sex girl russian We weren't at all sure how to do it but David had it all worked out. He moved up Richs' body until his hole was over my lovers still hard rod then slowly sank his his rosebud, correction, fully blooming rose, down over the rigid cock. David then leaned forward over russian fuck girl pic Rich and said, "Go on smallest russian pussy John, put it in" I was sure he couldn't do it but to humour him I decided to russian kidde porn try. I was so surprised when my dick started to slide in beside my brother, it was tight russian voyuer but I slid in easily. I could hardly believe it, his teenage boy hole looked like the channel tunnel nubile russian schoolgirls with our two fat cocks in it, it felt strange but wonderful to feel my cock alongside Rich in the same piece of hot flesh. I started moving gently, scared I might tear him but he was wiggling his bum about on our two cocks, "Are you alright David" I asked "You can't believe how good that feels, I've got two sexy russian lovely cocks in my pussy, now spray my insides with gallons of hot cum" he replied and within a couple of minutes we did. "What made you so sure you could take it" said Rich. David reached into his drawer and pulled out the biggest carrot I had ever seen, it was about 10cms across at the base and 6 at the tip. "I've been practicing" he said with a smile. After that even David was satisfied, cock hound that he was, so we left little realising that there was apparently no porno loitas kids russian limit to his thirst for cock. A couple of weeks later Mum had to go away for two weeks on a training course for her job leaving Dad and us alone. She left on a Sunday afternoon and after we had taken her to the airport we came home and ate the casserole she had made. The three of us lazed around for the evening and Dad told us that it was just us three guys we could dress how we wanted, "What even naked" asked Rich "If that is what you want but stay away from the russian porno galleries windows and doors and no fucking on the couch" he replied Rich and I turned a delicate shade of beetroot and Dad laughed and said. "Well, you russian boy love porn are fucking each other aren't you,?" Rich and I nodded. When we were in bed making out, well not all the way, I said, "We are pretty lucky that Dad is so broadminded, there can't be many guys who know their sons russian nubiles are shagging each other and just sexy russian whores turn a blind eye" "Do you reckon he did it when russian painful sex he was our age, do you think he had a dick up his bum and put his in another guy, he must be bi-sexual" said Rich. "I'm curious to find out, are you with me" I asked,,,,,,,,,,Rich nodded. russian forbidden nude We were both wearing boxers legal russian naturism as we knocked on Dads bedroom door, Dad was lying in the middle of his king bed reading, he was wearing boxers. "Can we ask you some questions Dad" I asked. "Of course, ask away, I have a feeling I know which direction this is going, is it about sex?" he asked "Dad the other day you said that you were a teenager once, did you mess around like we do, if so what did you russian fuck dolls do?" I asked. "Well I only ever did it with one person and I guess russian gils we did the same things that you are doing, we started by watching each other, then we wanked each other. From there we progressed to sucking and finally to taking it in the bum, is that what you guys do?" "We haven't been doing it for long" said Rich, "I have looked at John for ages wanting to touch his cock and one night he was asleep with his dick nude russian 18yr male sticking up like a flagpole so I reached over and touched it, he was leaking precum so I licked it up and then I couldn't stop myself I lowered my head and took him into my mouth, my big brother tasted so good" "Did you suck him russian celebrities porn off" said Dad. "Well he did but not right away" I said, " I was having a glorious dream and then I woke up and found it wasn't a dream, so I asked Rich what he free russian prno was doing" "I should have thought it russian family orgy was obvious what he was doing" sad Dad with a laugh. "I thought he was going to kill me" said Rich, "But he calmly said, 'you can carry on if russian nudes tpg I can suck you russian girl pics as well' , you can guess it didn't take long for us to get our mouths filled with hard cock and a few minutes later we both tasted another guys spunk for the first time" I was sitting on one side of Dads bed and Rich incest porn russian on the other and as we talked we could see the bulge in Dad's boxers getting bigger and bigger, Rich couldn't russian babes fucked resist it and placed his hand on it, he didn't grasp it his hand just touched. Dad didn't say anything he lifted Richs' hand away so I tried, then Dad lifted my hand and said "NO" "Oh come on Dad" said Rich, "It's not as if we are the first guys to touch your dick" "I know but you are my sons" he replied "So what, nobody will know, it's not as if we are going to tell anyone" I said So Dad gave up. I slipped my hand through the opening in his boxers as Rich pushed his way under the waistband, I couldn't believe the size of Dad, I knew he was big but this was enormous. In our usual sharing of thoughts I took hold ofone side of Dad's boxers as Rich took the other and we pulled them down, he helped by lifting his hips "Dad that thing is ginormous" said Rich, "How could a teenager take that in his bum" "I wasn't as big as this at that age" said Dad, "At a guess I would say I was about the same size as you guys, you are both pretty big russian boys have sex for your age, I suppose we all have the same genes" By this time Rich and I had lost our boxers and Dad took a cock in each hand. "You guys feel pretty good pretty soon you will have the girls fighting russian jerk over you" "I don't want to upset you and Mum but I don't think that will happen" I said, "I am fairly sure that I'm 100% gay, I have no interest in girls at all. I only have to look at Rich or russian sweet boys one amateur russian blow or two other guys to get hard but I have never got an erection over a girl" "I think russian real incest I'm the same" said Rich, "For over two years now I have got hard watching John strip but with girls I don't feel anything at all" "Well you are still young, you could end up Bi like me" said Dad "Do you still go with guys" Rich asked. "I told you, until a few minutes ago I had only ever touched one cock other than my own, and we still have sex regularly. I love Mum very very much russian masturbating and our sex life is fantastic but I still enjoy having russian sites porn a dick in my bum or having my cock sucked" said Dad. "Do we know the guy" russian photo images I asked Dad. He nodded. "Well, who is it" said Rich excitedly, "Come on Dad you can't keep us in suspense like this, tell us, who is your boyfriend" "You must give me your word that you will never tell anyone, it could ruin our family and his as well, he is married and has a son the same age as you" said Dad. "You know we would never do anything to upset our family" I said Dad paused then quietly said, "It's your Uncle Tim" "Your own brother" exclaimed Rich "You are fucking your brother and so am I so why shouldn't Dad" I said. "I'm sorry I didn't mean russian nude gayboy it like that" said Rich, "I was just surprised" "Is he as big as you?" I asked. "Not quite, I'm about 10 inches and he is about 9, but I certainly know where he is when I feel him slide up my bum, he is pretty fat and he really stretches me but once he comes it makes it all worth while, he floods my inside" said russian mdel tgp Dad. As we talked Rich and I were still playing with the cock that produced us and amateur sex pics russian our heads were now on Dads belly and our two eager tongues were lapping at the large head , As russian ******** shit Rich tried to devour it I slid down the under side and swallowed his left ball, they were so large there was no way I could take both. As I worked my way back to the tip Rich came down the other side to take the other ball and I tried to push my tongue into the piss slit, it seemed to go right across the head and I heard Dad gasp. We continued xxx gallery russian slurping on his amatuer russian net tgp love pole, fuck russian tgp we had no plan but everything I did complemented what Rich was doing and Dad was moaning almost continuously, "If you guys keep pics nudism russian archive that up I'm going to errupt like russian sexy finy clips a fountain" he said. "Surely that's the whole idea" said Rich. We could hear russian nudity in clinic Dad panting and knew that he was close to climax and neither of us boys had any intention of wasting his man milk. We french porn pics russian nudes kissed with the head between our lips and then Dad gave a loud Uuuuggh and filled our mouths with his juice between the two of us we swallowed every drop. Dad was much hotter than Rich and much thicker, also it was slightly more bitter but I fucking russian free could have taken it time and time again, I was thrilled dogs screwing russian girls that I had drunk the same spunk that had produced me. "Bloody hell guys, you certainly know how to thrill a guy that was better than 14 old nude russians your Uncle Tim, I thought I was never going to stop" "Well you can have the same treatment every night for the next ten days" I said, "As long as these enormous balls produce it we will suck it out of you" said Rich "Oh no, this was a one off, it won't happen again" said russian boys mpgs Dad. "We are going to sleep with you for the next week and porn russian women free if you stop us while you are awake we will wait until you are asleep, you can't expect us to stay in our own bed while this beautiful thing is here waiting to be sucked. We need our bedtime drink" said Rich "Rich, if we are as big as Dad when we are fully grown do you think we will still be able to take each other?" I asked "There is a way we could find out" said Rich with a sly grin on his face. You could almost hear the tumblers falling into place in Dads head, and the he shouted "No way" "Oh come on Dad, you know you want it, just think you are still fifteen and you are in bed with Uncle Tim and he is kneeling above you. His cock is jutting out from his belly and the tip of your cock is just touching his bum. He reaches russian pink nude girls behind him and rubs your precum all over the head of your dick and touches it against his back door, at first his muscles resist you russian girls for sale but then he opens up and the tip pops inside. He slowly lowers his body and slowly the first inch of your throbbing flesh slides inside, It's like being in heaven as slowly inch by inch he takes more and more until you can feel his cheeks on your thighs and you know free russian pussy movies that all of your big cock is inside your kid brother" As Rich was saying this he was kneeling above Dad and leaning forward looking straight into his eyes. I took Dad into my hand he was leaking precum in a steady stream and I rubbed it all over his very hard dick while I gay russian boy used my mouth to prepare my brothers rosebud. I aimed the cock in my hand towards its target and Rich lowered his body, he was so used to taking me that once he felt the hot flesh touch him he opened his puckered opening. The head popped inside and Rich yelped. "No stop, it will rip you open" shouted Dad, but by the time he said it another inch was inside. "It's OK Dad" said Rich, "It was just the head, it doesn't ukraine russian women nudegirls hurt now. I could hardly believe how easily Rich was taking it, his sweet little opening was now at least ilegal russian porno two inches across but it russian lesbi barely legal russian galleries didn't look stretched and he took about seven inches. "I'm sorry Dad, I can't take any more, will you russian spanking girls give me your juice, I want to feel you cum" he said, as he lifted his body an inch or funlumpkinsing russian youth so and then plopped down again. I free russian porn pics looked at my lovers face, it was strained but he didn't show any pain and he had a look of determination mpeg russian that he wanted to give Dad as much pleasure as he could. A glance at Dads face showed that he was in heaven, it had been twenty years since he had pushed his cock into a bum as tight as this. Not only was it a tight teen bum but it was his own son I put my head behind Rich and as he lifted up russian boy sites I licked all round his hole and up and down Dads hard rod, I loved the taste of my brother and he and Dad together was fantastic. To most guys, the thought of licking the hole which pushed out body waste would russian women sex vodeos be gross but I loved to lick Rich and stick my tongue right xxx porno russian into him as much as he loved rimming me. It was perfectly normal that Rich and I would lick and tongue fuck each other for ages before sliding our love poles into a lovely hot wet cavern. Whenever I made love I thought of the two years that we had wasted not knowing that we wanted each other. Dads breathing was becoming very loud and short and he started lifting his hips to meet Rich as he pushed down and I noticed that with each stroke Rich was taking a little more. At last Dad gave a roar and my lover forced himself down and took all ten inches of hard flesh as he shouted, "Yes Dad, give me that spunk, flood your little boys belly". I counted the spasms as Dad fired into Rich, even though we had sucked him dry just half an hour earlier I counted eight. Slowly Dad's breathing returned to normal and he opened his eyes, "Bloody hell, that must be the best sex I have ever had, thank you son, I hope I haven't hurt you" "No, it's OK, it's a bit sore and I russian border guard ships will russian nurse sex wait for you to get soft before I move but I loved it, not just for the sex but because my own Dad was making love to me, thanks Dad" said Rich. "Hey , you felixxx boylove russian guys haven't got off yet, let me see if my sucking skills are still good, I want to taste my two sexy russian schoolgirls boys" said Dad. Both Rich and Me can vouch for his skill as a sucker, he is a master and when we were ready he took both heads into his mouth and we filled him, he didn't spill a drop. Dad then cuddled his two sons, one on russian kidsex each side and switched out the light, we fell asleep with Rich and I nursing the soft column russian porno hard of flesh that produced us. I was woken by Dad trying to slip out of bed russian nude photography without disturbing us, I looked at my russian amatuer web sex brother/lover, he was 12 yr nude russian just opening his eyes. "Are you OK, lover boy" pregnant russian porn I asked "Just a little bit sore but otherwise OK, 10 inches is russian kiddy girl a bit different to your seven, would you have a look back there to see if I'm OK" Rich got up onto his hands and knees and I drew his cheeks apart, "It's a bit red and a russian pregnant nude bit bigger than usual but there isn't any blood or signs of damage" I told him. Just then Dad returned with some coffee, still naked, he kissed each of us and said, "Thanks guys for last night perhaps we can try it again sometime, I still can't believe that my 14 year old son took me up his bum and if I'm honest I'd love to have your dicks pumping photos girls russian hungarian cum into me" "I think that could be arranged" I said, "Like tonight" asian russian girl said Rich, smiling like a cheshire cat. That evening while we russian sex links were eating underground porn russian Dad said, "Uncle Tim is coming over for cute russian 03 the weekend, he will be here after work on Friday. "Naughty Daddy, he wants to make love to his boyfriend"! said Rich and we both laughed. "Well, do you blame me, you two can have sex whenever you want it, I have to make the most of the opportunity when I get russian anal pic the chance, russian sexual slavery there is one snag as far as you are concerned, Your cousin Ian is coming with him russian girls blowjob and he will have to share your room"said Dad. "Oh hell, that means we can't make love for two days" I exclaimed. "Oh I guess we can manage for the weekend so that our sexy Dad can have his fun, you never know we might turn him queer and fuck his ass all night" said Rich, Cousin Ian is fifteen.TBC.......with a bit of luck.. comments welcome.
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